Your vehicles need to meet current and future environmental requirements and be as cost-effective as possible to operate. You may already have replaced wall and roof elements and other modules with high-quality alternative lightweight structures; come to us to round off the project with suitably innovative vehicle floors. The VarioLineComposite (VLC) floor not only helps reduce weight but also improves vehicle behaviour in a crash, if the worst comes to the worst.

Boats are subjected to rough conditions at sea, and their decks need to be a safe, long-lasting element of their construction. Waves generate extreme dynamic loads which the deck needs to absorb in a similar way to vehicles driving on land.

It is important for people, animals and loads to be safe not only in extreme conditions but also in everyday use.

In addition, dirt and moisture are easy to remove without trace after use.

When it comes to durability and lifecycle costs, floor and deck systems made of VarioLineComposite are equal in every way to traditional solutions. In fact, fitted in your vehicles or boats, they give an impression of high quality which is maintained for years on end. This aspect pays off for end users not only at the time of purchase, but also during any later sale.

VarioLineComposite floor systems

  • Using our modular system, they can be individually adapted to any set of requirements, and brought up to performance specifications for – strength and rigidity – to suit the substructure, – operational weight and – surface design.
  • They can absorb almost 2.5 times more dynamic energy than traditional wooden floors, providing a high level of safety.
  • They can be directly integrated into your production system using the expertise already available within your company and the production technology you always use, making the time to market and cost of training and retooling negligible.
  • They have an extremely long lifetime and are resistant to environmental influences, ensuring that your vehicles / boats retain their value to the end of their product lifetime.
Abriebtest – Vergleich Sperrholz vs. VarioLineComposite // attrition test - comparison plywood vs. VarioLineComposite

Attrition test – comparison plywood vs. VarioLineComposite

Beispielrechnung für die Ausstattung der Gepäckböden eines Reisebusses // Example calculation for equipping the luggage floors of a coach.

Example calculation for equipping the luggage floors of a coach.

VarioLineComposite are added to your system as required*:

  • Different components, from the core to the surface, make numerous combinations possible.
  • Floor thickness can be adjusted to almost any width between 9 and 21 mm
  • Wide range of colours and surface structures
  • Permanently heat-stamped with serial number
  • Size and additional anchor points, frame connections, etc. based on your specifications
  • Packaging and logistics as preferred

* if volume of order is sufficient