Buildings with fair-face concrete surfaces can be a treat for the eyes. This requires high-quality, stable formwork panels which can create constantly high surface quality not only at the start but also across multiple cycles. One example is our VarioLineComposite formwork panels, which stand out for the low level of servicing and cleaning required between uses – giving you good results in terms of praise and the efficiency of your construction work.

A formwork panel made of VarioLineComposites goes on and on and on… continuing to earn money long after traditional formwork panels have reached the end of their usable lifetime and noticeably increasing your return on investment. And when they do eventually wear out, you have no problem dealing with special waste, but are instead left with a reusable material ready for its new life as a secondary raw material.

VarioLineComposite formwork panels

  • They are tailor-made and raise the performance of your formwork system in terms of load-bearing capacity, life expectancy and weight – while at the same time having a lower lifetime cost.
  • They are optimised to suit your formwork system; for this we choose the best possible combination of a core material and a number of substrata and surfaces.
  • Thanks to their matte outer layers they are also suited to smooth but non-glossy concrete surfaces.
  • They raise the value of your product lines with minimal time to market and re-erection costs.
  • They are components with no glued joints or other weak points.

VLC formwork panels are added to your system as required*:

  • Different combinations of core and substrata from
  • our modular system
  • Panel thickness can be adjusted to almost any width between 9 and 21 mm
  • Wide choice of colours (e.g. in your company colours)
  • Permanently heat-stamped with serial number
  • Size and additional rivet fastenings, anchor holes etc. according to your specifications
  • Packaging and logistics to suit your preferences

* if volume of order is sufficient

Anwendungsdauer von VarioLineComposite // Application period of VarioLineComposite

Formwork panels with Varioline Composite plates can be used much more frequently than formwork systems made of plywood.

RoI für VarioLineComposite // RoI for VarioLineComposite

Varioline Composite panels provide increased efficiency with reduced products life costs.


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