Getting top performances out of a material while leaving the user’s financial options open – that’s a quandary we solve at PolymerPark by using two key technologies:

1. Composite technology

Composites combine the strengths of their individual components, from the core to the surface, bringing them together in a single, fixed material structure.

2. Sandwich technology

The load-bearing layers are arranged around a shear- and pressure-resistant core.

PolymerPark has deliberately chosen to concentrate its efforts on added value. This goes from putting together the pellets to manufacturing the structural foam cores and designing the fibre-reinforced load-bearing layers to suit the strain they have to bear, all the way up to continuous binding in industrial mass production. This means that with VarioLineComposites we have all the tools in hand to deliver an integral system with homogeneous materials and no glued joints which you can successfully use as flooring or a formwork element.

Components of VarioLineComposites

Durch VarioLine und VarioLineComposites substituierte Werkstoffe // By VarioLine and VarioLineComposites substituted materials

By VarioLine and VarioLine Composites substituted materials (from 2009 to 2014)

VarioLineComposites bring you success and save you money:

  1. The basis for creating a composite is our toolbox of different VarioCor cores, glass-fibre load-bearing layers and surfaces, which can quickly and efficiently be configured to create series products.
  2. This allows your product to be aimed at your specific priorities, with no unnecessary extras that you neither need nor want to pay for.
  3. Our plant is set up for system widths between 1,200 and 2,350 mm. On this basis we can produce even very high quantities (capacity: 1,000,000 sqm/a) without losing the flexibility to provide you with individual production.
  4. Through your product, you pass on the added value of VarioLineComposites to your customers, improving your position on the market.

Our Mission

We never let pride in our achievements stop us from looking forward …

  • We are constantly improving the performance of VarioLineComposites.
  • With our research and development, we will continue to actively pursue that aim in future, investing regularly in new products and plant – true to our motto “advancing with composites”.
  • We continue to work on optimising the cost of our products.
  • In terms of cost, the combination of irrefutable added value and an attractive price creates positive effects for you and the users of your products. Together, we work to continue the VarioLineComposites success story.