Our mission of providing users of the traditional materials of wood and aluminium with a high-performing alternative which, in turn, improves their products, has been with our family-run company since its foundation.

15 years with PolymerPark have given us plenty of experience, the chance to learn from our mistakes and to mass-produce great products, always giving them significant added value as well as lengthening their lifetime:

  • motorhomes and caravans with lighter structures and less wood
  • playgrounds which are safer and more weather-resistant
  • lighter, tougher horseboxes
  • more hygienic production of foodstuffs
  • tougher, safer boats and utility vehicles

Prompted by our customers and partners, in 2008 we set our sights on composites. Based on our structural foam technology, we have developed a new generation of high-performance composite materials. We have been mass-producing the new composite constantly since 2012.

In cooperation with our customers, we have now focussed PolymerPark entirely on the core areas of composite flooring and formwork. Today, our company works in partnership with globally operating market leaders in scaffolding and panel systems. Innovative manufacturers of utility vehicles and boats are also continuously extending their market lead with VarioLineComposite flooring.

At the same time the company has developed, of course, our strategic mission has also progressively come into clearer focus … “advancing with composites”!

Die Gründer des Unternehmens Dr. Sven Hansen und Ulrike Hoesch-Vial // Founder of the company Dr. Sven Hansen and Ulrike Hoesch-Vial

Behind every innovation, every technology, every product are people, with their skills, their creativity, their abilities and their motivation to offer others added value. PolymerPark is no exception. Ulrike Hoesch-Vial and Dr Sven Hansen are the founders, originators and driving force behind this family-run company. Together, they stand for the technological creativity and emotional intelligence which run like an unbroken thread through all their activities and decisions.

But even the best entrepreneur is nothing without a strong team working away with equal levels of commitment and skill. Here too, PolymerPark is no exception. Whether you take development or quality management, the production team or supply chain management, the administration or sales departments, in every part of the company you will find enthusiastic, dedicated people working towards our common aim: “advancing with composites”.

If we could choose an award for ourselves, it would probably be “for the best supporting role” … after all, the leading role, in the spotlight with our products, is played by you: our customers and partners.

That is why we are pleased at every challenge you set us, as behind it we can see the trust that you place in us and our skills … and of course in our composites’ potential to tap new markets and create yet more added value.

Company Impressions

Cooperation & Certificates

PolymerPark has an ISO 9001:2015 certification for the development, production and sales of composite materials.

The University of Cooperative Education Dresden is our local academic partner for training in materials engineering and business administration.