Based on this motto, we have been developing innovative composite materials since the start of the millennium. With their variable properties, they supplement and extend the range of materials previously used. Wherever they meet additional requirements, they can (and are designed to) replace traditional materials such as wood or aluminium.

Our modern composites are made up of the experience gained from 1.5 million square metres of product. Working in long-term partnerships with customers, we have succeeded in constantly improving both their design and the production process. With our tailored solutions, you yourself can choose the priorities for your composite:

  • greater safety
  • lower weight
  • lower overall cost in the product life cycle.

Composition of VarioLineComposite

We combine composites with sandwich technology, allowing us to deliver an integral system with homogeneous materials and no glued joints which you can successfully use as flooring or a formwork element.


We are specialised in the fields of composite flooring (scaffolding elements, vehicle floors) and composite formwork (formwork panels), successfully supporting leading companies in these fields.

But our materials have also been proving their worth for many years in other fields of application.
We will be happy to help you, too, gain a long-term competitive edge with our composites!